Research areas

The assistant professorship focusses on three strongly intertwined research areas:

  1. Effects of digital media on mental health and well-being
  • Theoretical and empirical integration of social media effects on mental health/well-being
  • Social media as a resource for positive social comparison and inspiration
  • Guilt experiences about using social and entertainment-oriented leisure media
  1. Self-regulation of digital communication and media use
  • Digital media habits and self-control
  • Self-determination in and need satisfaction through digital communication
  1. Digital well-being at work
  • Digital stress due to personal and occupational availability norms & online vigilance
  • Procrastination due to private media use at work

The empirical research in these areas tries to implement best practices of an Open Science wherever and whenever possible (e.g., preregistration, open code, open data, open access). The assistant professorship supports and implements the Agenda for Open Science in Communication.

Additional information and current reserach by Adrian Meier can be found here: